The Dog Memoir That Cures Depression!

Recent studies completed by BoPaw Marketing Group discovered a new method for alleviating depression, and it isn’t in an addictive based pill form.

The SECRET lies in the written word, and to be more exact, in the written word of one Bo Hoefinger, the FAMILY DOG.

The dog stands 1′ 10″ tall, and weighs in at a stocky 63lbs. He’s a mutt on the outside but a purebred on the inside. He opens the family closet for all to see the skeletons within, and in doing so creates a laugh out loud look into the quirks of a human family.

It’s the first non-fiction autobiography ever written by a dog and it’s called BAD TO THE BONE: MEMOIR OF A REBEL DOGGIE BLOGGER and nationally published by Kensington Publishing under the Citadel Press imprint.

In This Book You’ll Find These DEPRESSION RELIEVING Facts…

How a MAXI PAD saves one dog’s life

How a Christmas gift ends up with a dog and his car on a 4′ WALL

The role JUAN VALDEZ, coffee bean picker, plays in a family’s life

The escapades around giving the household cat an ENEMA

Why dogs have BOB BARKER nightmares

All this plus MUCH, MUCH MORE


But don’t take just anybody’s WORD for it. Look at what these formerly depressed publications have to say:

Publisher’s Weekly – “A funny, funny book giving the reader a hilarious insight into what might be in a dog’s mind as he is given orders by his owners. Hilarious from beginning to end. This book will leave you chuckling to yourself and marveling at the cleverness of the author and Bo.”

Modern Dog Magazine – “Written in a voice strong enough to make it easy to forget that this book wasn’t actually written by a dog, this story brings humor and perspective to everyday life. Very easy to read and hilarious!”

American Dog Magazine – “This is a hilariously funny, sometimes sarcastic, 15-year account of one dog’s home life with Mom and Dad. This is one book dog lovers won’t be able to put down.”

Dog Living Magazine – “A well-written and fun read…Bo takes you inside his family and you feel as if you’re right there experiencing all the joys and pains with them. You’ll want to hug your own dog after reading this book!”

Your Dog Magazine – UK’s #1 Dog Magazine – “If you can imagine “Marley and Me” written from a dog’s point of view, but much funnier and with a happy ending, then you’ll find this isn’t far off the mark. Feel good reading which will brighten your day.”

As a BONUS, the author will not, I repeat, NOT be killed.

It is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million or at your favorite local retailer (be sure to check in the pets section).

* Bo Donates 10% Of His Earnings to Animal Charities *

Bad to the bone: memoir of a rebel doggie blogger

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